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Bedidi wins the 1st Accra Food Hack

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Accra Food Hack

Think of Bedidi (come and eat) as an Uber for home cuisine. There are a couple of similar apps out there. Israel’s EatWith and many other apps such as HomeDine, GrubWithUs and other apps offer a social way for strangers to wine and dine. What makes Bedidi unique is the tourism promotion layer the initiators of this idea pitches. As a requirement during the Accra Food Hack hosted in Ghana over the weekend, the hack teams’ goal was to brainstorm in teams and come up with tech ideas which through food, will promote local tourism.

How does it work, or since the idea is still in its conceptual stage, should I rather say, how will it work? Bedidi when launched will be a mobile app which will offer strangers an opportunity to sign up to dine with individuals or families in their homes. By filtering what kind of food the mobile-user would want to enjoy, he or she will be exposed to the families which have signed up to cook those meals and further details. Once a household is located, one only needs to pay for the meal and join the family at the table. With this app, the Bedidi team hopes to expose more Ghanaians and foreigners to the variety of local cuisine available in homes across the country. With the same app, individuals and families can sign up to take on strangers during the dinning times in the homes.

The team which walked away with Ghs 2,000 sponsored by the event’s platinum sponsor City Investment competed with 4 other teams which all pitched on stage. The Accra Food Hack was hosted by esSense 13, a social enterprise with a mission to put African cuisine on the global map. This is the very team which hosted the #Jollofdebate on twitter, a fun activity which got Ghanaian and Nigerian food lovers on twitter over which country had the better jollof.

What do you think about Bedidi’s prospects in Ghana? Share your comments with us.

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