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Collecting tolls electronically – University of Ghana shows the way

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ETC card

Whiles the Government of Ghana is still struggling to introduce innovative ways in its revenue collection, the University of Ghana has implemented an Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system on its Legon main campus. With this technology, drivers who choose to use the universities GIMPA side of the road pay to obtain a readable card they keep in their vehicles. The ETC determines whether the vehicles passing have paid and allow the vehicles in by lifting the barrier.


Though it is not certain how much private vehicle owner have to pay to obtain a card, commercial vehicle drivers pay up to Ghs 500 ($125) per year. The cards come with expiry dates thus, users who fail to renew the cards yearly are taken off the program and thus will not be able to access the benefits even with the out-dated card. This is an initiative introduced by the University’s administration which is poised to leverage innovation measures to solve its residential and academic challenges.

Considering how efficiently this system can be, is it not time the government of Ghana implemented such a system on the tema motorway? This option would make it easy for motorists who use particular motorways regularly. Paying for this service in advance will decrease congestion on our roads since this is a faster and a more efficient way of tolling. Besides this advantage, the government gets to seal toll leakages which have been a headache for years.

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