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rLG’s Uhuru PC Tablet Product Review

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Photo Credit : Kwame Pocho
The rLG Uhuru and its packaging in the background

I must admit when I saw the many Uhuru billboards on the streets of Accra, I joined the many interested persons asking questions about what the Uhuru was all about. All the guesses ended when Ghana’s rLG launched it as  Personal Computer tablet for the African market on Feb 3rd on the Osu Oxfort Street.

rLG’s Uhuru serves as a portable PC with a detachable keyboard. By shifting a button, the 11.6 inch screen can be detached from the keyboard which also serves as the main unit for charging.

The rLG Uhuru Tablet PC
The rLG Uhuru PC Tablet


Main Specifications of rlg’s Uhuru

  • Runs on Windows 8 Operating System with MS Office 10 pre-installed and activated
  • Touch Screen – 10 points Capacitive Touch Panel
  • Wi-Fi and Blue-tooth connectivity
  • Micro SD Card Reader
  • Two USB 2.0 ports and one HDMI port
  • 1.3 Megapixel Front camera  and a 2.0 Mega Pixel rear camera
  • 4GB RAM with a 64GB Hard Disc Drive
  • 6-Hour battery life


The Good side of the Uhuru

Dual role – rlg’s Uhuru PC Tablet  like all other ones in its class seek to fill a need by serving as a dual device offering its users the luxury of benefiting from the mobility of a tablet and the effectiveness of a PC when the need arises. Users who can afford this can choose between the tablet side of Uhuru and the PC side depending on the circumstances.

Connectivity – The device is built with different options of connectivity making it easy for the user to connect to the Internet via WI-fi or LAN, connect to other devices via blue-tooth as well as leverage the USB ports for mouse or flash drive attachment.

Touch Screen – Even with the keyboard attached, one can use the touch screen if he/she so wishes.

Speed – With an i5 core, the Uhuru runs at a satisfactory speed for ones day to day PC needs.

Front and Rear Cameras – The Uhuru PC Tablet has both a front and rear camera which make skyping and video conferencing easier.

The other side of the Uhuru

The rLG Uhuru Tablet PCWeight – The detachable tablet is noticeably heaver than many other tablets (ie surface, iPad, Acer Tablet PC). The weight somewhat makes it somewhat difficult for one to comfortably work on the device without consciously adding more effort to support it in one’s hands.

Charging – The Uhuru cannot be charged without it’s the vestigial keyboard. The charging port is tied to the keyword, does makes is a part which has to be carried with the screen if the user intends to keep it on. I am guessing it would have been a lot more favorable if it had a charging unit on the screen section offering patrons the choice to leave behind the keyboard if one does not intend to use it.

On-screen  Keypad – Unlike the ipad, if one intends to use the on-screen keyboard to type anything, the individual must activate the on-screen keyboard. The screen is not intelligent enough to detects that one is in typing mode, thus the on-screen board must be activated


At a price of Ghs 1,950 you can get an Uhuru Tablet PC which comes with a year’s warranty. You can order yours online from the rLG online store. You can read another version of product review on MacJordan’s Blog.

About rLG

A subsidiary of the AGAMS Group of Companies rlg Communications is a Ghanaian-owned limited liability company engaged in the production of communications equipment such as mobile handsets, electronic notebooks, tablets, laptops, LCD TV monitors and more. Besides the product range that we offer rlg is also engaged in capacity building and training programmes in collaboration with Ghana’s Ministry of Youth and Sports as part of the National Youth Employment Programmes (NYEP).


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