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Nandimobile; Empowering connections between business and customers

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The world has slipped into an era of social connections. Information gets to us faster than it usedto years ago. Your best pal is in your Facebook Friend’s list, you get to see your cousin’s wonderfulwedding on flickr minutes after it happens and you can upload a video of your science project onYoutube for your dad to see. The world is gone social and no one can stop it!

About a year ago, a young and innovative team in the Meltwater incubator set out to add a touchto this social revolution. Our love for ‘networking people’ led us to a unique mission; empowering connections between businesses and their clients via technologies that can be supported on simplemobile devices.

Most of the time in our interactions with clients and users, they ask us ‘’what does Nandi mean?’’, we just smile and say ‘Friendship’. ‘Nandi’ The name Nandi is derived from the Bemba word “umunandi”, meaning “my friend”. The company’s culture is woven in its Nandi theme. Atheme which pushes us everyday to empower connections between the business community andtheir customer base be it in the customer service process or in its marketing.

Nandimobile’s Gripeline service is a web application which allows companies to receive and respondto feedback, comments and questions submitted by the customers via SMS. With Gripeline,organisation get closer to the people they seek to serve, allowing its clients to reach out andtouch them just by using simple tools such as SMS. It was an exciting moment for the companyand its partners when Gripeline was awarded the Best Business Award at the Launch Conference in California in February. In the coming months we seek to bring more companies closer to theircustomers by introducing them to the features and benefits of Gripeline.

Aside the business community we serve, we intend to let the benefits of Gripeline be felt by othersoutside this group. Whenever we look back and consider the different sectors of lives our software can assist, we get encouraged to go beyond the limits we set. For instance, Gripeline is currentlyused as a social justice communication tool, offering harassed students of University of Ghana analternative mobile channel to seek assistance from trained counsellors. We certainly loved it when Gripeline provided an avenue for Ghanaian mobile consumers to choose the Telco with the Best customer service using the Gripeline SMS service.

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